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ABC Soils Company Overview

Our Services:

Vacuum Excavation

ABC Soils, Inc. provides vacuum excavation services, a safe-dig process, particularly at locations inaccessible to conventional equipment, such as within or near buildings, or near utilities that should not be disturbed. Our multi-disciplined crew performs utility clearances, installs structural supports, removes sediment from drainage ditches, extracts and disposes of spent media from water and wastewater treatment facilities excavates contaminated soil from basement crawl spaces, excavates soil borings, installs sensors and is health and safety trained to work in a variety of hazardous locations. We have worked up to 700 feet from our machine.

ABC Soils’ trailer and truck mounted machines have patented blowers to achieve a 28-inch mercury vacuum, which is the most powerful on the market. We can dislodge and move soil, crushed stone, spent treatment media, various types of sediment, tank residual and powdered materials. We routinely establishing clearance for underground utilities, install borings, clear streams and culverts, clean tanks, excavate basement soil, extract spent treatment media, and remove rooftop stone.