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Recent Vacuum Excavation Project Examples


Greene International Affiliates, Inc.- Water Main Corrosion Study; Boston

ABC Soils, Inc. was hired by Greene International Affiliates, Inc. to install fifty-six borings with vacuum excavation equipment within the roadbeds of various streets throughout Boston and its surrounding cities. These borings were installed to locate and provide access to existing steel water mains for corrosion study purposes. The work took place sporadically over the course of several months as was dictated by procurement of permits and typically entailed first approximating the location of the water main in the street with a magnetometer, once located, saw cutting through the pavement of the roadbed and vacuum excavating down to the water main which was typically found between five and seven feet below grade, and then, depending upon the results of the initial testing, either backfilling the boring and patching the roadbed or installing conduit and a road box for future access to the water main.

Green Environmental, Inc.- Greater Lawrence Sanitary District; North Andover

ABC Soils, Inc. was hired by Green Environmental, Inc. to install numerous borings between five and twenty feet deep with a truck mounted vacuum excavator to locate a sewer main servicing the City of North Andover for the Greater Lawrence Sanitary District. This work was conducted to monitor for settling of the sewer main. ABC Soils previously conducted research on sensor installation methodology for a research and development company.

Design Communications, LTD. - Boston University, Longwood Ave; Boston

ABC Soils was hired by Design Communications, LTD. to excavate, fabricate and install sign footings throughout the Longwood Avenue hospital area. To install the signs in this area containing many subsurface utilities, ABC Soils vacuum excavated utilizing an air spade to unearth any utilities potentially located within the borings, and installed rebar cages within the excavations followed by cement pours and refinishing of brickwork. ABC Soils also performed similar work for Design Communications at Boston University and Logan Airport.

Construction Materials Service, Inc.- Electrical Substations; Bridgewater, Smithfield, West Boylston, Palmer

ABC Soils was hired by Construction Materials Services, Inc. to excavate soil at electrical substations in Bridgewater, Smithfield, Palmer, and West Boylston where overhead clearance and minimum approach distances inhibited the use of other excavating equipment. Soil was excavated so that footing pads for transformers could later be installed for National Grid. Special electrical hazard equipment and safety protocols were utilized by ABC Soils for this work and also for excavating trenches for utility location and clearance purposes at the these and other substations.

Waterline Industries Corp.- Filter Media Removal; Dartmouth, Grafton, Maynard, Exeter, Merrimac, Plainville

ABC Soils was hired by Waterline Industries Corp. to remove filter media from public drinking water supply treatment tanks for several municipalities including the cities and towns of Dartmouth, Grafton, Maynard, Exeter, Merrimac, and Plainville. Graded pea stone, green sand and anthracite were removed from the treatment tanks through a 6-inch vacuum excavator hose; media in the tanks was only accessible for removal via an opening the size of a manhole cover. Other municipalities that ABC Soils have provided this service for include Wellesley, Needham, and Natick.