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Subsurface Investigation


excavating in metal plating facilityThere are situations when vacuum excavation is the best approach to installing borings.  These include times when working beneath buildings or when working in locations where there are numerous utilities. Examples include:


Former Metal Plating Facility:

ABC Soils used their trailer mounted vacuum excavator and intermediate hopper to aid in environmental investigations taking place in a former metal plating facility. The project entailed opening the concrete floor near a former loading dock and advancing a boring down to the water table while environmental sampling was being conducted. Following completion of the boring, the hole was fitted with PVC pipe, backfilled with stone, and the floor re-poured so that soil vapor extraction points could later be installed.


Oil Leak Beneath Building: A Boston-area hospital discovered oil leakage occurring beneath the ground floor.  A team of experienced companies including ABC Soils were called upon to determine the source of the leak and address the contaminated soil beneath the building.  ABC Soils’ work involved cutting into the floor and installing observation holes using vacuum excavation equipment, minimizing noise and dust emissions while the hospital maintained its operations.  ABC Soils pinpointed the location of an oil pipe conduit underlying the floor and then installed a series of borings along this conduit until the leak was located.  Contaminated dirt was vacuum excavated from beneath the floor and the flooring was restored. 


Dry Cleaners: A monitoring well needed to be installed in an operational dry cleaning store which was overlying a pile of rubble from an earlier building. Difficulty in proceeding with existing drilling technologies was encountered due to the presence of rubble and lack of space for equipment within the business.  ABC Soils installed a boring 22 feet deep using the vacuum excavator, whereby when rubble or large rocks were encountered they were lifted out with the vacuum hose.  In this way, a good view of the subsurface could be achieved and the monitoring well was easily installed. All of this work was done while maintaining clean conditions and with the daily dry cleaning activities remaining in operation.