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Tank Cleaning


water treatment tankWater Treatment Tanks

ABC Soils, Inc. provides water treatment tank media removal and replacement services to a number of municipalities. Once the tanks are taken offline from the treatment process and have been drained, ABC Soils personnel can remove the filter material with the vacuum excavator and clean the insides of the tank. The material that is removed is then taken offsite for disposal and the filter material is replaced per treatment facililty specifications.

Carbon Filtration Units

ABC Soils also has the ability to remove and replace vapor phase activated carbon from tanks or drums servicing air treatment assemblies such as soil vapor extraction or subslab depressurization units. Once removed from its container with the vacuum excavator, the spent carbon can easily be packaged for shipment to a regenerating facility either as a bulk trailer load or in 1,000 lb sacks. The vacuum excavator can then be used to refill the empty carbon tanks with new or regenerated material in a fraction of the time it would take to fill the tanks manually. Unsure of what type of replacement carbon is needed or what to do with the spent material? ABC Soils is more than happy to assist with selection and disposal processes as well.