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Trailer Mounted Vacuum Equipment

trailer hopper dumping into payloader bucketVersatility

Thanks to its custom-built hydraulic system, ABC Soils' trailer mounted vacuum excavator has the ability to dump into a variety of containers from smaller dumptrucks to 10 wheelers, triaxles to roll-off dumpsters, 18 wheeler trailers, 55 gallon drums, wheelbarrows, just about anything under 13 feet tall. The trailer setup is great for situations where excavated material is being trucked long distances because it minimizes vacuum equipment down time. Once a container is full it can be taken away by a hauler and another container can start being filled immediately, by-passing the need that truck mounted units have to dump between loads. Another advantage to using the trailer mounted equipment is that it can be used in places where spatial constraints prevent access or dumping by truck mounted units.

The programmable hopper adds another aspect of versitility to the equipment. During every dump cycle, vibrators in the hopper must be activated to prevent materials from caking to the inside of the equipment and causing a plug; this step is particularly important when excavating material with sludge-like consistency. Typically the vibrators are engaged and disengaged manually by the equipment operator. When excavating a sludge-like material however, the hoses also require attention and if the operator needs to stand by the equipment, then another person is needed to keep the hoses clear, while yet another person operates the suction end of the hose. Thanks to the automation feature, the operator can select time intervals for suction and dumping cycles based on the material consistency. The operator is then freed up to keep the hose from plugging, thus enabling a broader range of materials to be excavated with this equipment with fewer labor costs.