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Truck Mounted


ABC Soils' truck mounted vacuum excavators offer a variety of features that make them the go-to pieces of equipment in most situations.



Each truck has a 12 ton capacity tank that empties like a dump truck, which allows us to hold and transport large volumes of materials. The tanks are also watertight enabling us to work with submersed or wet media without making a large mess. Both are fitted with 8 inch diameter suction hose which renders the occurance of clogging practically non-existant and each is equipped with a hydraulic boom that makes moving the hose up and down in a boring as easy as pushing a button. One truck is outfitted with a 150 gallon water holding tank for de-con purposes, which doubles as a water source when sawcutting concrete, while the other has a side-mounted hopper which allows for offloading finer materials into a separate container. For more information on which truck might be right for your job, contact us today!


Uses and Capabilities

Aside from typical utility clearance, test borings, and basement excavating, these trucks can be used to clean catch basins, change treatment tank filter media at water treatment facilities, remove spent activated carbon, refill activated carbon tanks, conduct subsurface environmental investigations, install monitoring wells, install borings to support the installation of sensors that gauge pipe settling, and clear utilities at high-voltage power substations.


The vacuum generated is capable of moving material that is located 1,000 feet away from the truck and can lift as high as 100 vertical feet.


With the equipment comes our operators and technicians, who are fully trained, experienced and very skilled, which means you get the utmost performance the equipment can offer along with the insight that comes with years of operating specialty excavating equipment.



How can our equipment help you?

Have a job that you think might be suited for vacuum excavation equipment but don't see it listed as service we offer? Give us a call! We enjoy working with people, companies and municipalities to develop innovative solutions for unique challenges. You might just surprised at how affordable a seemingly impossible task can be.