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excavated soil exposing sewer pipe jointvacuum excavated trench exposing gas linevacuum excavated electric linestrench dug with vacuum excavator exposing pipevacuum hose and air spade used to excavate gas pipe


Utility Clearance and Location

Anytime there is a need to excavate in close proximity to utilities there is a reason for vacuum excavation. Not only are there the safety hazards associated with contacting utilities to be concerned with, but there is also the liability of damaging and cost of repairing utillies to think about.saw cutting concrete sidewalk next to vacuum trailer  Dig Safe® can provide you with a close approximation as to where the subsurface utilities are located, but if your work requires excavating near enough to their markings, you need to be absolutely sure of where the utilities are located to avoid these risks; with ABC Soils vacuum excavating equipment, seeing is believing.

Clearing Utilities

After utility companies have marked their lines, typical utility clearance starts with jackhammering or saw-cutting an access hole in the ground covering, be it pavement or concrete, at the desired location. Next, depending on soil compaction and subsurface conditions, the vacuum excavating equipment is used in conjunction with an air spade to excavate downward and advance the boring to the desired depth. The vacuum excavating equipment is grounded to prevent electrical shock hazards and the airspade is used in place of other digging tools because it will dislodge soils around utilities without posing the risk of piercing one. ABC Soils is prequalified by Massachusetts Department of Transportion for Subsurface Utility Enginering following CI/ASCE 38-02.

Locating Pipes

In instances in which the client desires to find a utility line or sewer or water main that is located deeper down in the subsurface, say for settling or corrosion study purposes, piping can be installed in a telescoping fashion to keep the boring open for as deep as twenty feet. Water encountered during boring advancement is easily handled by ABC Soils' truck mounted vacuum excavator and can be dumped back down the hole at the end of the day or be hauled offsite for disposal.