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Vacuum Excavation Equipment

ABC Soils, Inc. provides vacuum excavation-related contracting services throughout New England.  Services include water and wastewater infrastructure servicing and vacuum excavating for a variety of applications.

Full-Service Vacuum Excavation.


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Serving New England Since 1989:

From municipalities to contractors, government agencies to homeowners, no job is too large or small. We have experienced equipment operators and technicians who possess the kind of hands-on understanding and practicality that is needed to make your job go smoothly from planning through implementation to completion.

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When to Use Vacuum Excavating Equipment:

There are many applications for vacuum excavating equipment. It is typically utilized in situations when conventional equipment, such as backhoes and excavators, cannot be used due to spatial constraints or safety hazards and when moving inaccessable material via manual labor is impractical. Examples include excavating beneath buildings, or near subsurface utilities that should not be disturbed.


 intermediate hopper

Is Vacuum Excavation Right for Your Job?

Have a large volume of material to move but can't get at it with traditional excavating equipment? Forget about the bucket brigade. ABC Soils' vacuum excavation equipment is the cost-effective solution for you! Minimize the extensive costs and time consuming nature of manual labor and maximize your productivity with either our truck or trailer mounted vacuum excavating machinery.



In-house Capability

Whether it is outside, inside, underneath or within, if we can get our equipment within 1,000 feet of your work area, we can get it done.

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